We are driven by what makes eLearning effective and engaging. 
It’s what lights us up, and our enthusiasm for meaningful training is contagious.
Need to convert an in-person workshop into online training?

Do you manage a team of trainers or course developers who need to enhance their eLearning development skills?

Our workshops go through the basis of how people learn. How the human brain responds to and processes information. How people absorb and retain information. The effective instructional design components of eLearning cannot be overly emphasized and this is our passion.

“Creating Courses That Inspire”

In this workshop series you will learn the fundamentals of creating an exceptional course that engages your audience and actually teaches something! This workshop covers everything that you need to know from audience analysis to the technical skills required for online course creation. You will learn how to use iSpring, advanced PowerPoint techniques and other online tools to create engaging and interactive courses. By the end of this hands-on workshop series, each participant will have created a functional online course.

“Video Fundamentals”

Do you believe that creating good videos is expensive, time-consuming, and requires major tech skills? Get ready for the inside scoop from the professionals! We have tested and vetted all the technology and bring you the best free and simple tools. In this workshop series, you will learn how to use compelling storytelling and scriptwriting techniques to craft  video scripts that evoke emotion and drive people to take action! Start creating videos to use on social media, your website, in email marketing and in your educational content. Throughout this 8-week, hands-on workshop series, you will create amazing videos to use for your business!

“Video Accelerator Masterclass”

Join this masterclass to get started with creating amazing videos! You will learn everything from the basics of editing to using advanced cinematic effects. Enjoy the scriptwriting module and bonus resources to accelerate your video development. Complete this online course whenever, wherever, and at your own pace!

Workshops are geared toward:
A team or group of people who need to learn to create digital learning materials or online courses.
Someone who has an in-person workshop to convert to eLearning.
Someone who would like to create online courses to spread their message and passion (passive income you can share again and again!)
We provide workshops for your team in-person or virtually via webinar depending on the needs of your group.

Here are a few of our signature workshops:

  • How to design engaging courses using the Learn to Flourish TEACH FIRST framework
  • Lights, Camera, Action- Using video in your online courses
  • Using storytelling to ignite your audience
  • Engage your audience using the heart, head, hands framework
  • Using microlearning and just in time training to accelerate skills mastery
  • Using iSpring to create engaging and interactive eLearning
  • Everything you need to create great voice over in your online courses
  • Course creation methodology- How to map out your ideas and get moving on that course!
  • From problem discovery to changing behaviors- Managing the end to end course creation process


To find out about our public workshops and webinars for course creators …

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Limited in-person workshops available.


Innovative organizations hire us to deliver custom online learning programs that drive behavior change and skills mastery.

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Need the BEST ways to teach learners your expertise?

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