Do you wonder why some things are so easy to learn and remember and why other concepts seem impossible?

As an educator how can you engage your learners and make it easy for them to learn and retain the information?

This is a question that we go into great detail about in our eLearning Development program Creating Courses that Inspire. There are a number of techniques that you should be employing in your courses. One of these techniques is to use a Framework.

A framework is a representation of information either visually or through acronyms that helps people to remember or visualize the concepts. 

Do you remember from kindergarten how you were taught the colors of the rainbow?









This is the first acronym based framework that I have in my memory bank.

Another example is the Learn to Flourish TEACH FIRST framework which helps you remember the components of a well designed eLearning program. The F in TEACH FIRST stands for Framework!

Another Learn to Flourish framework is our Heart-Head-Hands approach for eLearning and video scripting. 

A visual framework that most of us recognize is Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

Another great way to use a visual framework model in your eLearning is by creating a learning map for an entire learning curriculum or learning journey.

How are you using frameworks in your education?

Need help creating your framework? Check out our microlearning tutorial on how to create your own graphics and logos. We give you the step by step information.

Wishing you inspiration, innovation, and continuous learning!

Lorena and the Learn to Flourish Team

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