We create custom team training solutions

for purpose-driven entrepreneurs with a deep desire to support the learning and development of their rapidly growing team.
You are a small business hiring key talent to really grow your team–and impact.
You are an innovative, heart-driven entrepreneur with dreams of growing and scaling your business to serve more people, but you’re tired of wearing all the hats to make it happen.
You’ve worked hard to get your business to the place it is today, and have big plans for growth.

You know that growing your team is a way to effectively and efficiently increase the impact of your business–and that your support team will play a vital role in that growth and success–but you aren’t sure how to make that team a reality.

Kind words from clients:

“The responsiveness of Lorena and her team and they way they have kept our project moving forward through any obstacles that came up was amazing. We are now able to get the message out about our upcoming fundraiser in a way that is impactful and will draw a lot of attention and support.

You won’t be disappointed by your experience working with Learn to Flourish. Lorena and her team will give 100% to every detail of your project.

– Vernon Women’s Transition House Society

Once you find the right people to support your business,
How do you onboard these new team members quickly and effectively, so they feel cared for and valued?
How do you create the best training materials to get them to know the core values and systems of your business?
How do you begin to organize information needed for learning and implement as quickly as possible?
Imagine the bright future ahead when your small but growing team falls in love with the culture of your brand because of the care and encouragement you give them, because you long for them to experience success and be inspired to help your business succeed.

We work with entrepreneurs in a variety of ways, but our specialty is new hire training solutions.

Is this something your small business could benefit from?

Does your small business need team training and onboarding support?


Innovative organizations hire us to deliver custom online learning programs that drive behavior change and skills mastery.

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Need the BEST ways to teach learners your expertise?

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