Have you ever had a hard time trying to find the right song for your video? Or have you used a song in your video and you got a copyright strike? If so, you are in luck because today’s article is about the best websites where you can get royalty free music that you are free to use in your videos.

Audio in a video is a major aspect that should be considered just as important as the visual elements. Having the perfect background music allows you to trigger deep emotions in your viewers. Depending on the music you select it could completely change the essence of your video. Do you want to trigger joy, fear, excitement, anticipation, frustration? The music in your video should be carefully selected to trigger the emotion that you want to achieve.

But where to find music for your videos? Today we are going to share with you a few of our favorite websites for royalty free music.

The Power of Royalty Free Music! | Learn to Flourish


The first website on our list is Incompetech. This website has over 2,000 music tracks that you can use in your online videos. What makes this site stand out from other royalty free music sites is that you are able to search for music by feel, genre, tempo, and length. The music is also cleared for monetized videos, for example if you intend to generate income from placing advertising on your videos, all you have to do is give credit to the author of the music. The website makes it really easy to give credit. They have a credit template on their website that you copy and paste into your video description to provide credit to the Incompetech.

Incompetech is one of the best places on the internet that offers a wide range of royalty free music, completely free.


  • Over 2,000 music tracks
  • Search by feel, genre, tempo, and length
  • Allowed for monetization


  • Have to give credit to copyright owner



Bensound is the next royalty free music website on our list. It doesn’t have as many music tracks in comparison to the other two websites, but it makes up for it in quality. The music tracks that are offered for free sound professionally composed and are perfect for high production quality content. Just like Incompetech, Bensound allows you to use their tracks for monetized videos and all you have to do is give credit to Bensound in the description of the video.

Most of their music tracks are free of charge but there are a few music tracks that are only available to use if you purchase a license. To use one of their for purchase only tracks for your online videos you’ll have to purchase their standard license which is approximately $50.


  • High quality music tracks
  • Allowed for monetization


  • Small music library
  • Some music tracks must be purchased with a license


Epidemic Sound

Epidemic Sound is a subscription based website where you pay a monthly fee of $15 to get full access to their music library.  They currently have over 30,000 music tracks and their music library is updated weekly. Each music track comes with separate audio tracks, so if you only liked a particular instrument from a song you are able to use that one track. These separate tracks could also be used to remove an instrument that you don’t like in a song.

When you subscribe to Epidemic you are whitelisted across Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram giving you permission to use their music without having to give any credit. If you decide you want to cancel your subscription at any time, the content you have uploaded using their music is still safe from any copyright claims.


  • Over 30,000 music tracks
  • Won’t get copyright claims if subscription is cancelled


  • Have to pay a subscription price of $15 a month



Each website has completely different music tracks from each other because they all have seperate composers producing music for them. Since the first two websites Incompetech and Bensound are free to use we recommend checking them out and searching music that you feel is the right fit for your videos. 

However, if you are producing a lot of videos and want to take your videos to the next level, try Epidemic Sound. They offer a 15 day free trial for you to check out their music library. There’s no harm in trying it out since you can cancel at anytime.

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Wishing you inspiration, innovation, and continuous learning!

Lorena and the Learn to Flourish Team


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