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How to Rapidly Transition Your Live Classroom Instruction to Online Learning

Are you an educator who delivers course content in a classroom environment? Are you being asked to come up with a plan of action for how to deliver your learning virtually?

We have been working with all kinds of educators looking for tips on how to take their instruction online quickly. If you are a professor or a school teacher then you might be facing delivering the rest of the year virtually. If you are involved in workplace learning then you are probably canceling classroom training left, right, and center. But education must continue.

Are you wondering how you can rapidly move your in-person instruction to online delivery? In this webinar, we field the questions that we are getting from educators like you.

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In this free training, you will learn:


* Technology considerations for online education

* How to rethink your curriculum for online delivery

* Strategies to deal with technological barriers and how to help your students through them

* Approaches to rapidly convert classroom content to eLearning

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"I attended Lorena's webinar this morning and it was excellent. Exactly what I needed at this particular moment. She exudes such a a positive energy and gave me lots of useful tips to improve my online delivery. I am feeling very inspired! I am already adopting some of the strategies for my classes tomorrow!" - Caroline Gilchrist, Professor, Okanagan School of Business

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Wishing you inspiration, innovation, and continuous learning.


Presented by:

Lorena Klingel - Founder, Learn to Flourish

Lorena Klingel, founder of Learn to Flourish, has over 20 years of experience creating eLearning, marketing, educational content, and videos. Lorena is known for her contagious passion and desire to share her enthusiasm for creating videos and online courses that actually TEACH. Her project work, workshops, and coaching help organizations around the world to reach their audiences in a way that is engaging, innovative, and ultimately successful. Lorena can also be found hitting the slopes, hiking the trails, finding her next favorite hand-pottered mug, and cuddling her three girls.

Lorena of Learn to Flourish is an energetic, positive, and encouraging instructor whose enthusiasm is contagious! She shares her knowledge, skill and talent in an easy to follow format, using visuals, step by step instructions, tutorials, and participant practice time.”

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