By Mitchell Vanlerberg – Digital Storytelling Ninja, Learn to Flourish

Interacting with clients or customers is an important aspect in building a positive relationship with them and gaining their trust.One form of interaction is streaming live content on social media that your viewers are able to watch live and ask questions or leave comments that you can directly answer or address. Popular social media platforms to stream on are Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. They do have their own streaming operation system built into their platform, but there are other streaming software that can give you more control of the content you are streaming to provide your audience with better content.

In this article we’ll be covering various streaming software that you can use to add text, logos, and images to your video and other features such as changing cameras or screen sharing.

Switcher Studio

Switcher Studio is an app that can be operated on most Apple products such as iPads, iPhones, and Macs. PC’s can be used if it’s operating system is Windows 10. It is able to stream to Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn.


  • Add all forms of media to stream such as logos, text, and pre-recorded video
  • Has built in text presets and transitions
  • Up to 4 cameras to switch between during live stream
  • Can adjust camera settings within the app
  • Can read comments live within the app
  • Can share your screen on your live stream


  • Most features are locked unless you upgrade to a higher plan.
  • Can’t stream to Instagram currently

They have a free app called Switcher Go available in the app store that has the basic features such as switching cameras or pre-recorded video. To upgrade to a better plan, they have a basic plan for $29 a month or a professional plan for $49 a month.


OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) is a completely free software for streaming that can be used on all streaming platforms. It is compatible with all computers and has most of the advanced features other services provide for a monthly fee.


  • Add all forms of media to stream such as logos, text, and pre-recorded video
  • Multiple Cameras to switch between
  • Can share your screen on your live stream
  • Compatible with all computers
  • Can be used on all live streaming platforms: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube


  • Recommended limit of 3 cameras to switch between before it starts to freeze
  • Has so many input and output settings it might be overwhelming at first

OBS is a powerful tool that can also be used for other uses such as offering a screen recording feature and supports adding scenes to the live stream that can be used as an intro and outro.

OBS Walkthrough | Learn to Flourish Training Video


BeLive is an option of live streaming that operates solely on your computer’s internet browser. If there are multiple guests participating in the livestream; links will be sent out to each member and they will join the live stream similar to joining a group call. Features include bringing live comments onto the screen for all of the viewers to see and screen splitting to allow multiple cameras on the screen at one time.


  • Pull up live comments onto screen
  • Screen sharing
  • Screen camera splitting


  • Only 20 free minutes of streaming twice a week.
  • Only for Facebook

BeLive features gears it towards interview style live streams since it has limited features. They have multiple plans starting at $12 a month.


Depending on what features you wish to have, your choice may vary between what live streaming software you wish to use for your streams. We are particularly excited about OBS because it has all of the necessary features needed to conduct a live stream and it is completely free. It may be overwhelming with the amount of options that they have, but if you only want to use a few of their features it can be easily learned. The Switcher Go app would also be recommended if you wish to operate the live stream from a mobile device in a simple and easy manner.


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