Understanding Your Audience Learner Personas

Are you currently developing an online course for your audience or thinking about developing one?

Well stop before you go any further!

Have you created a Learner Persona yet?

A Learner Persona is a fictional representation of your target learner. 

It’s not a reflection of a single person, but rather a combination of people in your target audience, and helps to connect more deeply with the types of people you are designing for.

You’ve probably also heard this referred to as your Avatar.

The purpose of the Learner Persona is to understand the needs, motivations, preferences, and perceptions of your target learners.

This helps you to put the learner and their goals at the center of your training and communication design.

The key is to get into the head of your audience!

What is a Learner Persona

Your Learner Persona should include data about your learner’s demographics, behaviors, preferences, and perceptions.

This information can be collected through a combination of assessments, surveys, and interviews.

The more people you talk to before you build your course, the better equipped you will be to help your audience.

Remember, we want to build courses that help our audience solve real-life problems.

And we want to present the information in a way that motivates our audience to take action.

Understanding your target audience’s needs, motivations, preferences, and perceptions will help you to create effective and engaging courses that keep your audience coming back for more!

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