You’ve been hearing everywhere that video is where it’s at for creating valuable content for your business, and now you have made the decision to create training videos to share your important messages with your audience. Congratulations! Video is an incredibly effective and engaging way to connect with your learners so you have made a great decision.

Creating video of yourself speaking to your audience gives gives you that highly sought-after know, like and trust factor that you want to achieve with your audience. 

In fact, a video of yourself is one of the quickest ways to get your audience to know, like, and trust your organization because a connection with you can be made so easily. 

Your audience can decide right away if they like you (when your smart, caring personality shines through!), and they can get to know you more personally through seeing you in action, reading your body language, and hearing your actual voice and the way you speak.

But don’t stop at only that kind of video for your organization! Video that uses b-roll clips and gorgeous on-brand photography also helps you tell your story to your audience in a way that engages them to learn, interact, and respond to your content. 

Animated video is another great mode of sharing content with your audience. Animated video is adorable and engaging, and it includes both whiteboard style (you know, the videos where there is a hand drawing the images) and colour animation that can include talking characters and background scenes. 

And why not combine both speaking and animations? Some of the most engaging videos we’ve seen out on the internet are ones in which the speaker is talking to the audience with images and text popping up to add interest–to drive the message of the content home.

Here’s an example of one of my videos that combines both styles.

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These days, the sky’s virtually the limit when it comes to video creation!

But where to begin? If you haven’t implemented video before, it can be intimidating and overwhelming to know where to start creating and incorporating training videos.  

In a previous post I dug into four fantastic options of video creation tools. Which one is best for your business? Have a look at our review.

Today, I am going to focus on creating video that includes a star–someone featured as an expert or thought leader. That’s YOU, of course!

I get asked lots of questions about creating training videos from course creators just like you. 

  • What kind of camera do I need? 
  • How do I setup my lights? 
  • What microphone should I use? 
  • What about a teleprompter? 
  • How do I do my makeup? 
  • What colours should I wear?


Stop right there.

The most important part of a training video that includes a star, is the star. YOU. You are the key to your video. The kind of engagement it receives. The way people are attracted to your content. The way your message is received. The impact you make on your audience. 

You can film your training video using your webcam and built in microphone. Production quality is far less important than your message and your passion for helping people.

Step 1:

Know your message and believe in your purpose. 

No matter what kind of business you have and impact you are seeking to make on the world, you have a message that people need to hear. You have value to offer. 

Remember, your audience needs the information you’ll be sharing in the video. Being clear on your message and confident in how you’ll share it is the first step to creating a successful training video with you as the star. 

Step 2:

Get yourself ready to shoot the video. This process of preparing to film is different for each person. Wear what you feel good in. Wear makeup or no makeup, whatever makes you feel confident. The experts say to wear a solid color shirt. Easy. Done. I bet you have at least one solid color shirt in your closet.

Step 3:

Setup or go to the spot where you will be filming. 

Are you filming outdoors? If so, is it going to be quiet enough or are there cars honking and sirens blaring? If you are filming outdoors and on the go then you might want to consider a lavalier mic that clips to your clothes and picks up your speech up close and personal.

Are you filming in an office building or in your house? Check your lighting. More light produces better quality video. Bright, natural light is the best but if you are filming in a room that doesn’t have a lot of bright natural light then consider buying, borrowing or renting a lighting combo kit.

Download our free video production equipment and software resource guide!

Step 4:

Set up your equipment.

Your equipment setup can be very simple or very complicated depending on what you want to invest in and accomplish. It could be as simple as popping your iPhone onto a table top tripod, or setting up a full on studio with sound proofing, lighting, and professional sound recording equipment. 

Somewhere in the middle for you might mean using a decent DSLR camera, a tablet teleprompter, and a lighting pack that lets you set up three point lighting. By the way, if you are using three point lighting check out this helpful video on different ways to set it up.

The main thing is to not let your setup discourage you from recording a video. Make it the best you can with the time and resources you have, but most importantly, get on video. Don’t let striving for perfection sideline your plans to create. 

Step 5:

Get pumped up about the message that you are about to share! Remember why your audience needs this information, how it will help inform them, transform them, or somehow make their life better. 

Hit record and start talking. Smile (when appropriate, of course) and have fun.

Something didn’t come out right? Say the last sentence again and cut the bad stuff during the editing process, or re-record it the video from the start. Sometimes it takes more than one try to feel like you got it right, especially when you’re just starting out and working through any nerves. 

Step 6:

Edit and add extras to your video, like animation. This editing process depends on what tool you decide to use. We have listed a few options in our resource guide.

You’re done! Pat yourself on the back. It takes a lot of courage to create a training video with you as the star. The more you do, the faster and easier it will become.

Remember, it’s ok to start simple. You can create your training videos using your computer webcam and built in mic. Your message is the most important thing and make sure that the room is well lit. When you are ready to invest in extra equipment, start with a good microphone and build your “studio” from there.

We have pulled together our personal favorite equipment and software options, along with other popular, suggested tools for video production. Get the FREE DOWNLOAD here and get started pimping out your own video production studio today!

Learn to Flourish is not affiliated with any of these companies. The list is just to give you a starting point of potential options!

Questions? Comments? 

Wishing you inspiration and innovation!

Lorena and the Learn to Flourish team

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