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How to Create Your Own Marketing Videos, from Tech to Technique

The video landscape is changing. Gone are the days when you needed to create a slick ad using a spokesperson, professional actors, expensive equipment, and complicated software. Now, your audience wants videos that don’t look like television - ones that are genuine, relevant, and story-driven.

Your business has a story to tell and knowledge to share to inspire and grow your brand and your team. It is time to share that information in an engaging, effective way. We’ll guide you.


In this free webinar, you will:


* Learn about and see different types of videos you can create

* Brainstorm your own list of video ideas

* Get a demo of easy and free software you can use for creating videos

* Learn our Heart-Head-Hands scriptwriting technique to make your videos and eLearning compelling

By the end, you’ll have experienced the power of creating effective videos to share your message with your audience to motivate action and change behavior.


Presented by:

Lorena Klingel - Founder, Learn to Flourish

Lorena Klingel, the founder of Learn to Flourish, has 20 years of experience in creating e-learning and marketing content and videos. Learn to Flourish teams up with purpose-driven organizations that want to drive impact through education.

Lorena of Learn to Flourish is an energetic, positive, and encouraging instructor whose enthusiasm is contagious! She shares her knowledge, skill and talent in an easy to follow format, using visuals, step by step instructions, tutorials, and participant practice time.”
Live Webinar Wednesday, July 3rd at 11 am PST.

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