We offer digital course audits and coaching

for entrepreneurs and organizations who long to improve their learning programs.

You are a thought leader with an important message to share.


We are experts in the learning space.

You want your students inspired to take action on your teaching and experience amazing results.

If you already have an online course or eLearning program, we can come alongside you with comprehensive and systematic review of your material, platform, delivery methods–each and every piece of your training program.

This means you’ll get a professional eye on your course and learn from expert course creators how to make it even better. Improving the method and delivery of your teaching materials means more effective and successful learning. An effective learning environment equals more satisfied students.

Kind words from clients:

Best money ever spent. If you are wanting to have longevity and sustainability in the online course world, you must invest in this.

Lorena and her team ensured our course content is effective and taught us to understand how to structure course content for all learning types.

– Jamie Wood, Sanga Living

It’s time. Time to make your online course the best it can be.

Our course audits can improve level of engagement with the information you teach, information absorption and retention, and student success rates, which equates to more transformations in the lives of your learners.

But we won’t just leave you hanging with a list of improvements to make.

Depending on the level of involvement you want from us, we can coach you through the process and give you the support you need to take action. We can even help execute the action plan to get your course launched into the world and making a difference.

You have something amazing to teach and are certain your message will be of value to the world– we can help you take your courses to the next level.


Innovative organizations hire us to deliver custom online learning programs that drive behavior change and skills mastery.

Need to know the BEST way to teach learners your expertise? Get the FREE training: "How People Learn: Seven Ways to Teach Your Learners in a Fast Paced World."

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Need the BEST ways to teach learners your expertise?

Get the FREE training: "How People Learn: Seven Ways to Teach Learners in a Fast Paced World"

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