If you have ever worked for or volunteered for a non-profit then you may have felt the struggle of driving change on a very tight budget with limited people resources. Non-profits have very important messages to share and work that is vital to the community and often to the world. 

At Learn to Flourish we work with many non-profits and help to share their important messages through video and eLearning. 

Sometimes at first, the non-profits that we work with have a hard time picturing themselves embracing digital communication like video and eLearning. At first, they often say to me, isn’t this stuff just for corporations or the BIG non-profits with really deep pockets? They also wonder what they would use video or eLearning for.

In this article, we are going to bust the myth that video is just for organizations with big budgets and we will share with you three ways that non-profits are using today’s communication technology to educate, get more donors and drive change.

Learn To Flourish LIVE: How To Generate Success as a Non-Profit with Video


The New World of Video Creation

Creating videos has become easier than ever. The days of needing a professional studio and expensive equipment are gone. Now you can make compelling videos using animation, stock assets, and your smartphone. To learn about the three main styles of videos, read our article How to pick the right video style for your audience

There are many video creation tools available now that make it easy for people to make their own videos. That’s right, you can create videos with no experience. To get started, have a look at our article on How to Choose the Best Video Software.

Of course, there’s more to creating videos than hitting record on your smartphone. That’s why in the Learn to Flourish program Video Fundamentals we teach people how to write video scripts, do voice-over narration, and create videos in the three main video styles.

Three Ways to Use Video to Generate Success for Your Non-Profit


1 – Internal Education

Let me ask you, does your organization have volunteers? Does your organization have employees? How about a board of directors?

All non-profits have people working in or with their organization. How do you currently train these people- your volunteers, employees and board members? Do you have classroom training? Manuals? Mentoring? No training at all? How many hours of training do they get? How long does it take? How much of your time or someone else’s time does it take?

For many small non-profits, volunteer, employee, and board of director training is challenging because of a lack of time and resources.


Imagine having online learning resources that allowed team members to get the information that they need when they need it at an accelerated rate.


Think about the amount of your time that you normally spend on classroom training, coaching, answering questions or just redoing and fixing the work of others because they didn’t know how to do it right the first time.

Video training is fast to create and allows you to generate reusable learning content. that is re-usable. Create once instead of repeating yourself over and over again. Imagine the time savings and being able to offer a consistent message to everyone involved with your organization!

Video training can be accessed anytime, anywhere, and on any device. So this allows people to do the training wherever they want and whenever they want, e. Eliminating the need to coordinate costly classroom sessions that create schedule disruption.


2 – Public Education

Is the public fully aware of the problem that your non-profit is meant to help solve? Do people even know that you exist? Many of the small non-profits that we work with struggle with the issues that most people aren’t even aware that there is a problem, and many people aren’t aware that the organization is there doing great work to help.

Video is a great way for non-profits to create awareness. 

An Explainer Video is something that shows people who you serve and how you help them. You can use an explainer video on your website, in your emails, and on social media as a piece of highly shareable content.

Youth Mischief File


Make sure that people know that you exist! Many small non-profits feel like they are battling for attention. It’s important that people in your community know that you exist so that they can refer and help you reach those who would benefit from your work.

Event Video | Okanagan Science Center


Many of the non-profits that we work with also have the mandate to educate either the public at large or people who work in specific industries. For example, our client, the Invasive Species Council of British Columbia, educates professionals in many industries about the danger of invasive species, how to detect and prevent invasives, and what to do when you do find invasive species. Video and eLearning are a great way to offer education on the importance of an issue and what to do.

ISCBC Video Topic 2 Video 2


3 – Attraction Marketing

How does your non-profit attract great people as employees, volunteers, and your board of directors? How do you get donations and other forms of funding?

Video is an effective way to attract people and funders. Here are a few ways to use video as an attraction marketing strategy for your non-profit.

Social media video that shows volunteers hard at work, having fun, and creating impact.

Client Spotlight ISCBC

Video that explains why you are raising money and what the funds are going to be used for.

Whiteboard Explainer Video Example | Video Creation Services


Video that promotes your upcoming fundraising events. 

Fundraising Video | Little Black Dress Party



Now you have seen that video is a great option for small non-profits. It’s not just for the big guys anymore! Use video for your internal education, public education, and attraction marketing. For a successful video strategy, make sure that you are using a number of different styles of video that will attract volunteers, quality staff, board members, and new and repeat funders!

At Learn to Flourish, we are all about creating relevant, engaging, and effective eLearning and videos. If you want to capture your audience’s attention with videos, grab our free scriptwriting training now

Non-profits hire us to create video and eLearning;. Non-profits also build internal capacity and skills through Learn to Flourish Academy programs where they learn how to create compelling videos and effective eLearning. Many of our non-profit clients have been successful in receiving grants to take this education. Book a FREE discovery call now to explore how Learn to Flourish can be a resource to you.


Wishing you inspiration, innovation, and continuous learning,

Lorena and the Learn to Flourish Team

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